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    Caribbean, Dominica, Europe
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    Lennox Lawrence Chambers

VARDIKOS & VARDIKOS is an International Law firm with affiliates and associates worldwide, whose involvement in the practice of law spans five generations. Its broad national and international clientele extends over Europe, the United States and South East Asia.


Our law firm is a Service Provider for the Citizenship by Investment Program of the Commonwealth of Dominica. We are also Authorized Representative/Promoters  for Antigua and Barbuda, Grenada and the St Lucia Citizenship Programs.


Furthermore we act as Legal Advisors to the Consulate of Montenegro in Greece and promote the newly established Citizenship Program of Montenegro.


In Greece the law firm acts on behalf of foreign clients for Golden Visa Process, Financially Independent Person Visa (FIP), Representative Office Visa and Non Dom Status Residence Permits. 


  • More specifically as far as Golden Visa is concerned, we:
  • Provide assistance with negotiations with the Promoter/owner
  • Conduct the real estate legal Due Diligence
  • Draft Power of Attorney, preliminary and final contracts
  • Securing Official translation of all documents required
  • Issue a Greek Tax Identification Number (TIN)
  • Open a bank account with a Greek bank
  • Conclude the official property contracts with highly qualified Notary Public
  • Ensure secure transfer of funds
  • Handle all related taxation issues
  • Register the new owner at the Land Registry/Cadaster
  • Represent owners in front of utilities
  • Prepare the files of the Residence Permit application
  • Monitor processing & collect the final Residence Permit
  • Act as permanent tax representative/Process Agent of the Client  on an annual basis


  • 提供与房产商/中介公司进行谈判的协助
  • 进行房地产法律的尽职调查
  • 拟授权委托书、初始和最终合同
  • 确保所有必需文件的正确翻译
  • 申请希腊税务识别号(TIN
  • 在希腊银行开设银行帐户
  • 与高素质的公证人签订正式的买卖合同
  • 确保资金安全转移
  • 处理所有相关的税收问题
  • 在土地注册处/地籍完成登记新的业主
  • 在公用事业部门面前代表业主
  • 准备居留许可申的请文件
  • 监督处理并完成领取居留证
  • 每年担任客户的最终税务代表/流程代理人

We have always been acting on behalf of the buyers/investors, providing them with an independent, professional advice on the feasibility and the viability of their intended real estate investment in Greece, with Zero possibility of a conflict of interest Situation.


Our Immigration/Citizenship Desk established since 2005 is being led by the Honorable Christos Vardikos, Attorney at law and Consul of the Commonwealth of Dominica in Greece.

自2005年成立以来,我们的移民/公民服务部门由驻希腊多米尼克领事馆以及律师的伟大的Christos Vardikos作为领事领导。



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