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✓Second Citizenship and Permanent Residency Expert
✓Tax, Family Asset Planning, Trust Asset Management Advisor
✓Offshore Bank License and offshore Insurance Registration

Over 20 years of Insurance Experience: Insurance Sales, Risk Planning, Insurance Sales Training

Over 15 years of Real Estate Experience: Real Estate Investment, Real Estate Risk Planning, Real Estate Marketing, Real Estate Leasing, Pre-Sale Property Planning Hotel Operations

United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Australia, Caribbean, Greece

In recent years, the trend of obtaining citizenship via investment has gained significant momentum. A host of countries, including Cyprus, Malta, Dominica, St Lucia, Vanuatu, and St Kitts, among others in the Caribbean, offer seamless services for this process. Despite this, many individuals regard passport acquisition merely as a transaction, solely appreciating its advantage of visa-free travel and simplifying it to just a straightforward purchase. However, it’s important to remember that every product serves a distinct purpose. The objective of securing overseas citizenship transcends the convenience of visa-free travel. At BPROL, we delve deeper, helping individuals to thoroughly understand their requirements and providing exhaustive answers to their intricate queries.

Embrace a life you can control, with sustainability, security, and prosperity 你可以掌控、有持续性、安全的、有未来的人生。

As co-founder of the Quantum Fund, Jim Rogers once remarked, ‘Over the next 20 years, being trapped with only one passport, you could suffer very badly.’

Therefore, what you need is not just a passport or an identity, but a life that you can control, that is sustainable, secure, and future-oriented.

Our Service

  • Malta Citizenship by Investment Program (Officially Authorized Agency)
  • Dominica Citizenship by Investment Program (Officially Authorized Agency)
  • Advanced Dominica Citizenship Program Caribbean Citizenship by Investment Programs
  • Dominica Offshore Bank and Insurance Licenses
  • Greece Golden Visa
  • Greece Financially Independent Person Visa
  • Immigration Services for Hong Kong and Macau Residents to Taiwan
  • Offshore Tax Planning Property and Land Acquisition in European and Caribbean Countries
  • Digital Asset and Offshore Financial Licensing Consultation


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