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Adrian Eustace Scantlebury

Adrian Eustace Scantlebury

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Mr. Scantlebury obtained a Bachelor of Laws degree with honours from the University of London in 2002 and a Master of Laws degree from the same University in 2010.

A Trinidadian by birth, he was admitted to practise as an Attorney-at-Law in the Republic of Trinidad & Tobago in 2004. He ventured to the Federation of Saint Christopher & Nevis where he was admitted to practise as a Barrister-at-Law and Solicitor in 2005. Mr. Scantlebury is a current member of the Bar Association of Trinidad & Tobago and Saint Christopher & Nevis. In 2020, he was admitted to practise in the State of New York.

Those who know him well can say he is an affable and intelligent individual who works assiduously at any given task.

Lawyer by day, Mr. Scantlebury has a history of entertaining audiences on his saxophone at various non-profit events and of imparting his knowledge of the law with students.