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    Caribbean, Dominica

Caribbean Commercial and IP Law Practitioners LLP is a distinguish set of Solicitors/Barristers & Attorneys-at-Law with Chambers located in the Capital City of Roseau, in the Commonwealth of Dominica, The West Indies. As the sequel to its predecessor law firm which was founded in 1987, Caribbean Commercial and IP Law Practitioners LLP has grown to prominence and is now one of the largest, most prestigious and well established law firms in the Commonwealth of Dominica.

As a member of some of the world’s leading association of independent law firms, Caribbean Commercial & IP Law Practitioners LLP is able to offer the latest and most innovative client-focused solutions with the benefit of current and emerging technologies. The firm can boast of enhanced capabilities in dealing with complex and multifaceted cross-border transactions. Caribbean Commercial and IP Law Practitioners LLP offers a wide range of legal services and we provide our clients with the most modern and sophisticated support and legal research skills available.



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